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Child Visitation Issues: Visitation Lawyer in Culver City

Need an attorney for a visitation case in Santa Monica? Once the court has issued a divorce order, the parents are required to comply with the visitation orders contained in that order. If a parent fails to do so, he or she could face legal repercussions. There are instances in which a visitation order needs to be modified, including when a child is 14 years or older and wants to be involved in this decision.

Looking for an attorney for a visitation case in Culver City?

At our firm, Widger & Widger, APLC, our Culver City divorce lawyer is very familiar with all issues related to child visitation, modifications, and cases of non-compliance, and what to do to get these issues resolved. Call us for information about child visitation, whether you are not getting the court ordered time with your children, or you need to make changes to an existing order. If you have not yet filed for divorce, discussing these issues early can be very beneficial.

State law requires that a parent has reasonable visitation rights with a child or children. In many cases, shared custody is the arrangement, and the children essentially have two homes. In other cases, the visitation arranged takes place on weekends, with alternative years for important holidays.

Who Gets Custody of the Child in Culver City?

Under state law, both parents have equal parental rights. Determining child custody and visitation will take place during the divorce process, or in a legal separation agreement. Every family has unique circumstances with regard to work, activities that the children participate in, school location, and other factors that must be carefully evaluated so that the children experience the least possible disruption of their lives. The best interests of the children will be the focus of any decision made at trial about child visitation.

If you believe your child is unsafe in the care of the other parent, presenting this to the court is very important – but it must be supported by facts and witnesses. Cases in which one parent has been abusive, engaged in domestic violence, or is involved in criminal activities would not be considered a healthy situation for a child. If you are concerned about child visitation, your parental rights, need to modify a visitation order, or are planning to move away, contact our firm immediately – we can help you get your visitation issue on track and resolved.

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