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Protecting Your Assets with a Prenuptial Agreement

Looking for an attorney to draft a prenuptial agreement in Culver City? At one time, a prenuptial agreement was considered something only the extremely wealthy would have in place. Now, many couples who are planning to marry get a prenuptial in place, and drafting an individual prenup is far more widespread.

Couples who are concerned about financial issues before getting married are well-served to get a prenuptial agreement drafted prior to marriage. This process gives each party the security that can stabilize a marriage. It is no longer considered to be a detriment to the relationship. When both parties have a career, having an agreement in place can be extremely beneficial.

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What should I include in the prenuptial agreement?

If you and your significant other are contemplating marriage, then you have the option of drafting a prenuptial agreement. A "prenup" is a private agreement that the two of you can prepare before you tie the knot. The purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to simplify things in the event that you or your spouse ever files for divorce. So what provisions should be included in your prenuptial agreement?

It is always wise to have an attorney help you in drafting and/or reviewing your prenup before it is filed to ensure that it includes the following provisions:

  • How to divide up the property that each spouse owned before entering into the marriage
  • How to divide up the property that was acquired while the two were married
  • How the income was viewed during the lifespan of the marriage
  • Who is entitled to spousal support or alimony if the marriage ends in divorce
  • How the attorney fees will be paid if the marriage ends in divorce or legal separation
  • What will happen to the estate and other assets if either spouse was to die

When drafted properly, a prenuptial agreement can accomplish much more than just the division of property upon divorce. Speak with a family attorney at our Culver City office for help in drafting your prenuptial agreement. Both you and your soon-to-be spouse will have input as to what the prenup will address and how you will like things handled in the event of an unforeseeable divorce. Even though it may seem wrong to think about divorce as a possible fate for the marriage, it helps couples attain a peace of mind knowing that everything will be handled if it were to ever happen. This can also allow couples to feel more comfortable and open rather than feeling vulnerable when things take a turn for the worse.

Need a prenuptial agreement in Santa Monica?

If one party who is engaged to be married has children from a former relationship, it may be very important to have a prenuptial so that those children are established as heirs and will not lose certain assets should the parent die. In other cases, business interests must be protected. A family business could have serious difficulties if the owner dies and the spouse now is the owner of a significant amount of stock, or gets control of a business due to the death of a spouse. There are countless situations that could be resolved with a carefully drafted prenuptial agreement, and at Widger & Widger, APLC, we can help you craft such an agreement, based upon your unique situation and needs.

Let Us Help You Draft Your Prenup

Searching for an attorney to draft a prenuptial agreement in Culver City? Even the most professionally written prenup could be challenged in the future, should the marriage end in divorce. The care with which the legal document is drafted can have a significant impact on whether such a challenge is successful.

If you need a prenuptial agreement, ensure that you contact a Culver City prenuptial agreement lawyer that has the skills to craft the document correctly. One word out of place can lead to trouble, as has been proven time and again. We are proud of our level of personal service, our legal skills in drafting these documents, and our legal abilities in the area of drafting documents related to prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

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