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Relocation Attorney in Culver City

Culver City Divorce Attorney: Relocation and Move-Away

Parents packing moving boxLooking for a lawyer for a relocation case in Santa Monica? Our divorce lawyers at Widger & Widger, APLC are often called upon to assist in post-decree legal matters, including issues related to relocation, or "move-away." Getting court approval is often more difficult than expected, and how the request is presented to the court can make a significant difference in the final decision. Our firm proudly takes on relocation cases in Culver City, Santa Monica, Inglewood, Sherman Oaks, Burbank and other surrounding areas.

Searching for a lawyer for relocation in Culver City?

If you are considering a move, for career or other reason, contact our firm to discuss the situation before you make any plans. If the other parent of your children is planning a move, and you have concerns, we should discuss the situation and what can be done to allow you to continue to have easy access to your children. The court could deny a move-away request, or decide to change child custody arrangements. These matters must be carefully managed by a legal professional familiar with the process.

Is one parent planning on relocating? Get court approval before you make plans.

After a divorce is final, both parties are required to adhere to all terms in the court order. These include issues involving visitation and custody. When one parent is planning to move a distance away, whether to another city, area, state or country, the court must approve this move, as it will impact the issues of custody and visitation. Generally, when the move is related to a job or career, the court will try to work with the parent, but if that parent currently has physical custody of the child, it is likely to impact this situation, particularly if the other parent disagrees with the move-away, and the distance involved. Any parent that is moving overseas could be considered a threat to child custody, particularly as it can be very difficult to get children returned to the USA should there be problems in the future.

Need an attorney for a relocation case in Inglewood?

In some cases, a move could benefit the child, such as making it easier for other family members, such as grandparents, cousins and other extended family, to be involved in the child's life. All decisions regarding the ability to move to another location will be based upon what is in the best interests of the child. The interests of the parent are secondary, although there is usually some degree of willingness to help a parent that needs to move away for legitimate reasons.

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