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Culver City Court Order Modification Attorney

Divorce Lawyer in Culver City for Modifying Court Orders

Need a lawyer for a court order modification in Culver City? After a divorce order has been issued, both parties are required to adhere to the order. Any failure to do so could lead to legal trouble, including facing a charge of contempt of court. If you are in a position where it is necessary to change the terms of a divorce order, the process must be approved by the court. Making agreements without court approval can be dangerous. If you need to make a change to any existing court order after divorce, at Widger & Widger, APLC, our Culver City divorce modification lawyer can help.

Support Modifications in Culver City

As a child gets older, there are often significant changes in the costs of support. A child that has a specific medical condition may need special services or care, at greater cost. Educational needs such as private schools or college, or extra-curricular activities can increase the costs of child care, requiring a modification of an existing court order. In other cases, the parent paying the support may have remarried and have other children to support, requiring a modification, or has lost employment, or is not making the same salary as at the time the court order was issued.

Looking for an attorney for a court order modification case in Culver City? The court will require a significant change in circumstances to approve a modification in child support or spousal support. At our firm, we are very familiar with exactly what the court must see in order to approve a modification. We invite you to contact us if you need to change an existing court order.

Custody and Visitation

Searching for an attorney for a court order modification in Culver City? Retain the top divorce lawyer in Culver City to take on your case. In some cases, issues related to custody or visitation must be modified. When one parent hopes to move away, whether a great distance, to another state or overseas, this move must be approved by the court, as it will impact matters of custody and visitation. The spouse who plans to move, for career or other reasons, must be aware that the court could make a decision to change a custody order under those circumstances.

Essentially, any changes to an existing court order must have court approval. Should you make an agreement with your former spouse outside of court, this can backfire in the future, as if there is a problem later, any failure to pay the court-ordered support can lead to wage garnishment or other enforcements.

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