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Need a separation agreement in Culver City? We can help.

When a married couple is separating, there are a several issues that must be resolved, including who will be caring for the children (if there are children of the marriage), who will be paying which bills and other obligations, and matters related to support.

A legal separation agreement allows you to get all of these matters resolved so that financial problems can be avoided during the term of the separation. Some may choose legal separation for religious reasons, or to have the time to work out problems in the marriage. A separation agreement is often the blueprint for a divorce agreement should the two parties decide to end the marriage.

Searching for an attorney for a legal separation in Culver City?

One advantage to establishing a separation agreement is that this can begin the process of valuing property and other assets, and making arrangements for the division of marital property. In cases in which the marriage was of long duration, and there are many assets, this process of often fairly complex, as there are a number of assets, including property, bank accounts, retirement accounts, stock accounts, and other high value assets. Need a lawyer for your legal separation in Santa Monica? It is often far superior to resolve these issues with help from a Culver City divorce lawyer as opposed to later facing a divorce trial.

What Are the Advantages of Legal Separation?

There are several advantages to having a well-crafted separation agreement. Issues such as health insurance can be a concern; you right to adequate and fair spousal support and child support is protected should the marriage later end in divorce; issues related to access to various assets, such as bank accounts and stock accounts, or access to lines of credit or credit cards can be agreed upon; during the term of the separation, you are legally protected from any debt incurred by your spouse; support can be deducted from taxes if you have a legal separation agreement in place; and all other financial matters are in writing, including critical issues such as who will pay the mortgage on the family home, and other similar matters.

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