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Grandparents with custody of grandchildLooking for a lawyer for a grandparents’ rights case in Culver City? Many grandparents have taken on the responsibility of raising their grandchildren, a trend that has increased in recent years. Statistics show that in the past decade, the number of children living with their grandparents has risen as much as 50%. There is a wide range of circumstances that could lead to grandparents who are playing the role of parents.

These circumstances include:

  • The untimely death of parents
  • The incarceration of one or both parents
  • The parents have abandoned the responsibility of raising their children and left them with the grandparents
  • The parents are divorced

This can be a highly distressing situation for children, who naturally love their parents, but have a more stable life being cared for by loving grandparents.

Grandparents Rights: Custody and Visitation in Culver City

Grandparents can take legal action to gain legal custody of children that they have been caring for, either temporary or permanent. At Widger & Widger, APLC, we should review the facts in your situation to determine how to move forward. Each case is unique and individual, and must be addressed with great caution. Generally, the best interest of the child is what is focused upon. Protecting parental rights is also extremely important.

Taking custody from a parent and giving it to a grandparent is very possible, but if the parent challenges the legal action, the situation can be more difficult to resolve. It will be necessary to provide compelling evidence of neglect, abuse, criminal activities, drug or alcohol addiction or other situation that could endanger the child.

Searching for an attorney for grandparents' rights in Culver City?

If you have lost contact with your grandchildren, and wish to be in their lives, the court may or may not grant visitation. How your case is presented to the court is of great importance. Generally, if the parents do not want the grandparents to visit with the grandchildren, these wishes will be upheld. There are cases in which the rights of grandparents can be protected, particularly when one parent has died, and the grandparents, who have lost a child, want to maintain a relationship with grandchildren.

There are various scenarios that could require the assistance of a skilled and experienced grandparents' rights attorney in Culver City, and we have seen them all. Need a lawyer for your grandparents' rights case in Inglewood? Let us review your situation and circumstances so we can plan a strategy to protect your right to share in the lives of your grandchildren.

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