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Father with custody of his daughterNeed an attorney for your fathers' rights case in Los Angeles? At Widger & Widger, APLC, our family attorneys are passionate advocates for fathers' rights. If you are seeking access to a child or children, our firm is prepared to help you take the right legal actions to protect your parental rights. There are various types of issues that could arise for a father with children who is not sharing a household with the mother. The mother of the child may not have named the father as the biological parent, and is trying to avoid having the father involved in the child's life. It may be necessary to legally establish paternity so that you gain the access you want, and gain the legal right to participate in the upbringing and care of a child.

Visitation, Parental Alienation, Move-Away and Other Issues

Are you searching for an attorney for father rights in California? In some cases, a father could suffer from a situation in which parental alienation is taking place. If your children refuse to visit you, are never available at the court-ordered visitation time due to "other activities," or don't want to visit or spend time with you, the mother may be involved in alienating the child from you. Parental alienation occurs when one parent talks derogatorily about the other to the children, creating a situation in which the children become alienated emotionally. If this is taking place, please call our firm so we can discuss what can be done legally to bring this destructive activity to a halt.

Fathers' Rights in Relocation Cases in California

Another issue that has arisen in the past for fathers is related to threats of taking the children and moving away, whether to a distant city or another state, or overseas, which is a real concern for fathers if the mother is a foreign national, with family and contacts in another nation. It is important that action is taken immediately if there is any threat of the mother taking the child before it takes place. If this has already occurred, our Culver City fathers' rights attorney should review your situation immediately, and advise you of what actions could be taken to have the children returned to the USA and to your care.

Do You Need A California Fathers Rights Attorney?

Fathers who are interested in creating a better life for their children or who want to get involved with them can contact us for consultation. Our Los Angeles Fathers Rights Lawyer understands that dads' rights can be confusing and that every situation is different. Consequently, we provide our clients' questions and concerns with our undivided attention to ensure a swift and fair resolution of their cases.

The responsibilities fathers have when it comes to raising their children are numerous. Secondly, you have the right to contribute to their upbringing, and we can assist you in taking those reins and enforcing them legally.

The experienced California fathers' rights attorneys here at Widger & Widger, APLC are here to help!

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