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Culver City Domestic Violence Lawyer

Attorneys Representing Victims of Domestic Violence in Culver City

Children Dealing With AbuseIf you are in danger of being attacked by a spouse or other domestic partner, it is extremely important that you get the protections offered under the law. As an abusive relationship tends to escalate, the danger to an individual living with an abuser is a very serious threat.

Having a reputable domestic violence attorney by your side to help provide you with the support and guidance that you need during this time can be extremely beneficial, and can help to protect you, your family, and your future.

Searching for a lawyer for a domestic violence case in Culver City?

At our firm, Widger & Widger, APLC, our Culver City domestic violence lawyers can help you get a restraining order or protective order in place. It should be understood that even when an order is issued, it does not fully protect you, but in most cases is sufficient to keep the abuser from contacting you by any means, entering your home, or stalking you. If the person continues this behavior, he or she will be taken into custody, facing legal repercussions, including jail time for contempt of court or other criminal charges.

What If Domestic Violence Caused My Divorce?

A divorce in which one party has engaged in acts of violence against the other can have certain elements that must be resolved with great caution. Children cannot be put at risk of harm; the matters related to child custody are extremely important if there is any risk of harm. We are concerned about the health and safety of our clients, and we act at once in cases of domestic violence. You can be confident that we will pursue a resolution in which our client and any children of the marriage have the legal protections in place that are necessary.

There are also cases on record in which accusations of domestic violence are unfounded, and are merely an effort by one party in a divorce to gain an advantage in matters related to child custody. In either case, when our Culver City domestic violence attorney takes on a case, we will take the actions necessary to support the case for our client. Need a lawyer for your domestic violence case in Inglewood? Get the most experienced lawyer on your side! Call our firm to discuss your situation. We are here to help you to stay safe, and be free from the threat of violence, whether physical or emotional. You have a right to live your life free from fear. Looking for an attorney for a domestic violence case in Culver City? You can trust our team of attorneys to provide you with fierce support and representation.

How Can A Domestic Violence Attorney Help You?

Having a domestic attorney by your side is essential for ensuring that you are provided with all of the support and legal guidance that you can get during this challenging time. Domestic violence is serious, and can be traumatic and destructive within a family. Don't fight this alone. Let our attorneys help guide and support you through every step of the way.

A domestic violence attorney can help you by:

  • Providing you with valuable legal guidance
  • Protecting you and your future
  • Fiercely representing you in court
  • Informing you about all of your legal rights and available options
  • Modifying and contesting orders of protection
  • Offering emotional support and reassurance
  • Answering all of your questions
  • Saving you time and money

Contact our team of domestic violence attorneys in Culver City to learn more about how we can help protect you and your family, and to schedule a free consultation for your case.

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