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Why Mediation Can Be Better Than Litigation

Mediation is a non-adversarial process in which both parties in a marriage come together with a mediator who is neutral. The goal is to resolve the major legal issues in a divorce without the necessity to go to trial.

Not only is this a cost-effective way to resolve a divorce, in many cases the court will require mediation take place prior to hearing a case in court. A skilled mediator can smooth the process and help the two parties to come to a reasonable compromise, and allow for a fair resolution to all of the crucial issues to be achieved.

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The most significant reasons to chose mediation over court litigation for your divorce are trial costs and emotional strain. The costs involved in divorcing through the Los Angeles court system can be extensive, and a divorce could remain unresolved for years in some cases. Litigation can leave the divorcing couple in the middle of a conflict filled, unhealthy situation. When children are involved, this can be extremely hard on them, especially if issues of child custody are on the table.

Seeking a non-adversarial mediator, and neutral ground, can make the process far easier, faster, and result in a more reasonable settlement or agreement. Through mediation, the couple can reach an agreement on disputed issues without involving a family law court. Mediation can also help in getting a divorced finalized quickly if one or both involved parties has a pending remarriage or other personal reason for a fast divorce settlement.

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The ability to get results in mediation is in large part based upon the skills of the mediator. Bringing the conflicting parties to a fair compromise during mediation sessions takes a high level of both logical and emotional skill, particularly when these matters are contentious. As some married couples are completely unable to communicate, getting help from skilled divorce mediators in Los Angeles who are prepared to guide the process through to resolution can be extremely valuable.

If you need an experienced divorce lawyer for your mediation case in Culver City or the greater Los Angeles area, we urge you to connect with our attorneys at Widger & Widger to discuss your situation. We are highly skilled in dealing with the most contentious couples and situations, and can help you get your divorce on track and resolved.

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