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Child Custody and the Holidays

There is really no time more magical for children than the holiday season. The streets are alive with festive lights, everyone seems to be in lifted spirits, and, of course, people are talking about presents. But time spent with family is often what makes the wintertime so important to children. Unfortunately, a divorce might be acting like a brick wall between you and your ex-spouse. Is there a way to get around it, at least during the holidays?

You and your ex might have already established a visitation schedule that is functional, but you should also consider making one specifically for the holidays. While it might seem uncomfortable, or impossible at first, it is highly encouraged that you try to communicate with your ex-spouse to see if they are willing to listen. Start with electronic communications if it is easier for you. No matter how you manage to share your time with your children, they will appreciate being able to see you both.

Getting Into the Spirit of Peace and Togetherness

Regardless of your faith or denomination, the holidays are meant to encourage friendship and sharing between all people. To this extent, if you and your ex-spouse can cooperate on child custody and visitation matters, everyone will benefit. Not only will your children feel more comfortable and get to enjoy the holidays thoroughly, but you will both also not have to get your hands tied up in litigation. That's right – if you can create a holiday visitation schedule that works for you both, you don't technically have to make it official, saving you on time and court costs.

However, that may be an ideal situation, and not one realistic for your circumstances. Don't feel pressured into having fun or communicating with your ex if you are understandably not comfortable with it. If you believe that you will need professional legal guidance to handle child custody agreements during the holidays, feel free to contact our Culver City divorce attorneys from Widger & Widger, APLC. We make a point to listen closely to our clients' needs and really get to know them. This way, we can find a solution that is personal and agreeable for everyone involved.

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