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Family Law: Divorce Lawyer in Culver City

Helping Families Find Real Solutions

Looking for an attorney for a family law case in Culver City? You need the best divorce lawyer in Culver City standing by your side. At Widger & Widger, APLC, we are prepared to discuss your divorce or family law issue and advise you. We will review your case for free!

No matter how simple or complex your legal problem, you need to ensure that it is addressed by a highly professional, experienced law firm that is known for getting results.

Areas of Practice

You can find out more about our areas of practice by following the link to the page:

When a marriage is not legally valid, there is an option to end the marriage through annulment. An annulment is possible in several types of situations. You can read about the process and find out if you have grounds for an annulment. Read more.

Child Custody
Marriages with children require the matter of child custody to be resolved, either at trial, or in a divorce agreement. Where the children will live is of great concern to parents, and these issues can be difficult to resolve in some cases. Read more about child custody.

Child Support
The issue of child support can be a contentious matter. The critical issue is to ensure your children do not suffer needlessly, and that both parents are involved in paying for their care, education, medical expenses, activities and other costs. Stability and the wherewithal to provide the best quality of life are all important issues. Read more.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce
A simple, or uncontested divorce allows a married couple to dissolve the marriage with far less trouble, and at a lower cost. The process is fairly simple, and if both parties agree, moves ahead quickly. A contested divorce can be extremely difficult, and there could be a great difference in opinion about how property should be divided, issues regarding any children, and business interests, among others. Find out more.

If you are considering filing for divorce, you want to discuss your situation with a high quality Culver City divorce lawyer before you make any decisions that could impact the outcome. California law views marital property as community property, and it must be divided equitably. Find out more about the various types of divorce.

Divorce Mediation
Mediation is a non-adversarial dispute resolution process that allows the two parties to come together with a mediator to attempt to resolve matters in contention so that a trial can be avoided. The skill of the mediator can make a significant impact on the final agreement. Read more.

Domestic Violence
If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is crucial that you get the protection that is afforded to you under the law. Violence in a marriage often escalates to a dangerous degree, no matter what promises are made. Read more about how we can take action for you.

Restraining Orders
A restraining order will be issued if there has been an act of domestic violence, or a threat of violence. We help our clients get such orders in place so that the individual is legally restricted from contact, and if the order is violated, the person will be taken into custody and face legal repercussions. Read more.

Enforcements Of Judgments
You may believe that once a divorce order is issued, that the issues are resolved. Unfortunately, some former spouses choose to violate a judgment and do not pay child support or spousal support as ordered, or make visitation or custody arrangements difficult. We can help – read about enforcement actions.

Fathers' Rights
If you feel that your rights as a father are being violated, we are strong advocates for these rights. Whether it is a paternity matter, visitation or custody, we can advise you of the legal actions that could be taken to preserve and protect your parental rights. Read more.

Grandparents' Rights
Under certain circumstances, grandparents can be granted visitation or custody of their grandchildren. Grandparents can be a child's best hope for a happy, productive life. Find out more about how to gain grandparent's rights.

International Divorce
A divorce that involves one or both spouses that live in or are visiting a foreign country can be more difficult. It is extremely important that your custody, visitation and support rights are protected, as these issues may differ greatly in the other country. We can help – read more.

Legal Separation
When a married couple wants to separate rather than divorce, a separation agreement can be drafted that outlines the responsibilities and duties of each party during the term of the separation. Protecting your rights to support, custody and property is crucial. Read more.

After a divorce, circumstances can arise in which a current court order must be modified. These orders could be related to custody, support or visitation or other matter. Our firm can address any post-decree modification. Find out more.

Move-Away Orders
In order to move a distance, such as to a far distant city, state or other country, parents with an existing custody order are required to get approval from the court. The move could impact issues related to custody and visitation, and should be carefully managed. Read more.

There are various issues which will require legal action to establish paternity, including a father who is attempting to gain parental rights to a child, or a mother who needs to get support from the father of a child. Read more.

Prenuptial Agreements
Many couples feel more confident getting married when a prenuptial agreement is in place. Each agreement must be individually drafted to reflect the circumstances of the parties. Find out how to protect your assets for yourself or your children with a prenuptial. Read more.

Property & Asset Division
There can be a great deal of concern and even contention in a divorce on the subject of property and asset division. Read about the various options to resolve these matters, including negotiating settlements, agreements and litigation. Find out more.

Spousal Support
Under state law, under certain circumstances, spousal support could be awarded to one party. The length of time that the support must be paid, as well as the amount, is based on specific factors. Get information about how spousal support is calculated, and whether you will be able to receive it or be required to pay. Read more.

Visitation Rights
As a parent, you have a right to access to your children, whether in shared custody or visitation. The decisions made by the court are strictly based upon the best interests of the child. If there is any dangerous situation, such as criminal activities, drug or alcohol addiction, domestic violence or serious illness or conditions, the matter of visitation could be impacted. Read more.

Searching for an attorney for your divorce case in Inglewood? Contact us at (888) 806-5445 for information about divorce or family law.

We also serve families in Brentwood, Burbank, Century City, Inglewood, Hollywood, Hawthorne, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Mar Vista, Westchester, Marina Del Rey, Venice, El Segundo, and across the Westside.

  • Need to Enforce a Judgement?

    We can help you enforce alimony and support orders.

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